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Get involved today with one of our IMPACT Mentors initiatives around the community. 

Future Leaders League

Future Leaders League is a program that focuses to recognize, affirm, motivate and encourage our youth to become our future community and national leaders.


Teens Need Training

Teens Need Training (TNT) provides  teens with after-school snacks, homework or tutoring assistance and a computer lab. They provide after-school and summer programs for up to 22 at-risk youths living in and around HRS public housing developments.


Man Up

Man Up is an African American male initiative on Tennessee Tech University's campus to help promote leadership and entrepreneurial skills in young adult men. They meet every other Monday at 6:30pm in the Stem Center on Tech's campus.


There are many young people in Putnam County who are getting ready to head into the working world without a strong idea of how to succeed. At IMPACT, we believe that our members could be the lifeline for these struggling teens and young adults.


Mentoring is one way that allows us to offer wisdom gained from both life and professional experience to the ones who may not get the chance to receive otherwise. 

If you think you may be interested in volunteering your time and knowledge in one of these programs, please get in contact with Imon Uduehi at




IMPACT has partnered with pillar institutions in the community to impact the lives of the socially marginalized through Education, Economic Empowerment and Equity.  The Pipeline to Progress initiative will create a more diverse and inclusive environment that empowers every child to learn and thrive. By fostering our “Community Building Community” attitude, we will achieve our goal of developing, attracting, and retaining a more diverse talent pool. 

Pipeline to Progress



If you want more information on how to become a part and be more involved in the Pipeline to Progress initiative, please get in contact with Imon Uduehi at

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